Santa’s Helper Program

Santa’s Helpers 2014  

“Manna Volunteers do it Again”

Another successful “Santa’s Helpers” Program was performed by Manna Storehouse Volunteers in conjunction with the generosity of Parker County citizens, and a variety of churches, businesses and organizations.  Manna Storehouse has performed this community service for over 20 years.

This year the “Santa’s Helpers” program gave nearly 1400 bags of toys, clothes, books, etc. to fill the Angel Tree requests of children in Parker County that are not as fortunate as others.

Over one half of the Angels were taken by local businesses and churches to find generous people to adopt a child’s Angel and fulfill their requests.  

The Manna Storehouse volunteers spent many hours during the 6 weeks before Christmas taking qualification information from families that needed assistance, tracking and identifying donated bags, and then distributing to the families. 

If some of the Angel requests were not adopted, Manna and the gracious volunteers used our donated toys, clothes; etc to assure that every Angel request is filled.  These toys are obtained by collections and donations by motorcycle clubs, local businesses, schools, or using Manna semimonthly Garage Sale funds to purchase the needed items. All gifts are new.

This program was beautifully summed up by one of our volunteer’s daughter.  She is 9 years old and in the 4th grade at Austin Elementary School in Weatherford and wrote this paper for her class assignment of “Write about a time you helped someone”.  


Santa’s Helpers

 4th Grader View

In December, everything from Stuff the Bus and Angel Tree goes to Manna for the children who might not have a Christmas with presents. My mom and grandmother are in charge of Santa’s Helpers and I love to help them. It makes our hearts warm but seeing people with such needs is very sad. Sometimes, I wonder if they go to my school. When my mom says, “Hey girls, we have to go to Manna!” I say, “YAY!” It really makes me feel like a better person helping those in need.

        In November, we took notes from about 1,400 local children’s Christmas wishes and needs. Usually, the kids ask for clothes, jackets, books, toys, blankets, hats and gloves. We ask for donations and shop for the Angels that don’t get adopted. Then, we fill large black bags with many of their requests (each kid has its own bag). After that, we tag each bag with a special number assigned to each child. Finally, we call the family to let them know that their child or children’s gifts are ready.

        At the end of each day, I don’t want to leave Manna because it is so fun. I have learned that it is good to educate yourself and see what others don’t have and how lucky we are. Helping my mom with Santa’s Helpers and Stuff the Bus has changed me because I now appreciate volunteers and all that I have.


Santa’s Helper Program 2015 -Manna Storehouse & Salvation Army

Santa’s helpers are here to help you with Christmas for your children, please come into Manna Storehouse 129 East Spring Street, Weatherford, Tx to fill out and application.

You must provide the following information:

  • Proof of residence in Parker County.
  • Identification: Drivers License or State ID for applicant and spouse and social security card, birth certificate or health record for children in household.
  • Proof of Income ie; pay stub, bank account statements, award letter showing income, SSI, Social Security, TANF, child support, food stamps.

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